Friday, February 27, 2009


Two days of rain doesn’t such like a cause for celebration but as opposed to people in northern Europe (except for the farmers) even city-dwellers rejoice when the skies blackens and sheds precious water drops. The average Jordanian spends around 800 liters of water annually, whereas Americans (always love to make them sound weird) use a staggering 300 thousand liters. No need for exclamation marks here. Here in Jordan rain translates into life, literally. The dams fill up (now they are at 30 percent of full capacity) and people on the hills of Amman can start watering their lemon trees and even perhaps flush the toilets. If I wasn’t a spoiled Swede, I would make a toast with a glass of water tonight. Instead, I go for Araq. But with tap water for a change. Hallelujah or al-hamdulilla, take a pick.

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