Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mom’s cooking, part II

“My mom’s Sayadiyye (a fish dish, basically fish and rice with cinnamon and stuff) is the best in the world”. My friend (yes, Dalia again) is a staunch supporter of the My-mom’s-is-the-best-cook sect. but, apparently, she is totally oblivious to the fact that the sect has other members, and when I tell her that, well, it is one of the biggest sects in Jordan, she refuses to believe me. Hating to leave people in the darkness, I confront her, telling her to ask any random guy around us (we are standing outside a place that serves sweets in downtown Amman) if his mom is the best cook. She takes the challenge and barges up to a man waiting for his slice of Kanafa. “Of course” the man replies, “of course my mom is the best cook”. In fact, he is so convinced of this he invites us, right there and then, to go to his village tomorrow and be converted into true believers of his mom’s supreme Mansaf powers. Just one hour away by bus, change in as-Salt. We kindly decline. But Dalia learned something about Arabia.

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  1. My Grinus sayyadiyyeh is still the best, that is for sure. :)